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Implementing the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda. Universities in action - (UNI-NUA) International Conference

  • Politecnico di Torino, Castello del valentino, aula 10V 39 Viale Mattioli Torino, Piemonte, 10126 Italy (map)

La Conferenza internazionale, con relatori ed esperienze da Giappone, Stati Uniti ed Europa, affronta i modi in cui l’accademia svolge la sua “terza missione”, il trasferimento della conoscenza, nell’ambito delle politiche urbane e territoriali, alla luce della Nuova Agenda Urbana delle Nazioni Unite (2016).  Le università sono  formatori di nuove competenze, ma anche attori urbani, consulenti di attori pubblici e privati, promotori di processi partecipativi, city labs… con attenzione all’impatto sociale e alla dimensione etica e politica della loro azione. Le sessioni: The urban agenda of universities, Globalizing learning environment, Research and practices, Sustainable Urban Development Agendas of Italian cities, Universities in action: ethical issues and institutional frameworks. Promossa da Politecnico di Torino e l’Università di Tokyo, in coll. con l’Università di Torino, con il sostegno della Compagnia di San Paolo (nell’ambito del progetto UNI-NUA).

Capienza massima: 100 posti.

PROGRAMMA (versione inglese)

The United Nations’ New Urban Agenda (NUA, 2016) aims at fostering  sustainable and resilient urban development worldwide. It calls for innovative  action in the field of territorial governance and spatial planning. In this light,  UNI‐NUA aims at developing a better understanding of the mechanisms and  opportunities for universities’ engagement in complex territorial governance  processes and of the actual potentials for knowledge transfer and  multidisciplinary joint action in territorial policies, and spatial planning  practices.  Practices in which researchers are involved can empower different actors,  either through capacity building processes or thanks to other interventions  and initiatives that may also include direct consultancy for public of private  sector.  A crucial issue concerns demand‐driven/oriented research dynamics  and the degree of researchers’ independency in times of R&D public spending  cuts. Contributions are expected on applied research experiences (for  instance, city labs, spin‐off), legal frameworks, social responsibility which  characterise the third mission of universities in the field. Moreover, universities may strongly influence urban development dynamics  through their action as collective urban players. Hence, the Seminar will  reflect on the urban agenda of universities and on its links with the  sustainability goals, with particular attention to the SDG11. The NUA also calls for new training of professionals in the field of planning. In  more general terms, some universities are adapting their courses and  programs to take into the objectives of the Urban Agenda and the SDGs, and  to create new learning environments. A session will focus on examples and  practices from different universities in Europe, Asia and US.

h. 9:00‐9:30 Welcome and forewords
Patrizia Lombardi, Deputy Rector of Politecnico di Torino
Claudia Cassatella (PoliTO‐DIST), Akito Murayama (The University of Tokyo), NUA and  the UNI_NUA project

h. 9:30‐11:30 Universities in Action: Research and Practices
Akito Murayama (The University of Tokyo), Various Types of Research‐Practice  Interface in Urban Planning and Community Development
Fumihiko Seta (Tokyo University), The Role of Academics in National and Metropolitan  Policy Making
Giancarlo Cotella (PoliTO_DIST), European Spatial Planning: the role of the ESPON  Program

10:30‐11:00 coffee break
Claudia Cassatella, Universities in action between social engagement and institutional  frameworks

11:30‐12:30 Globalizing Learning Environment
Steffen Nijhius (Delft University of Tecnhology), Diversity and internationalization in  Urbanism. Experiences from Delft University of Technology
Kelly Tzoumis (DePaul University, Chicago), Perspectives from the Global Classroom Akiko Iida (The University of Tokyo), Challenges for Urban Studio and Recurrent Education Programs in the Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo

h. 12:30‐14:00 lunch break (SalaColonne)

h. 14:00‐15:30  The Urban Agenda of Universities
Marco Santangelo (PoliTO‐DIST), Universities as urban actors
Egidio Dansero (UniTO, Green Office), Sustainable campus, the green policy of the  University of Torino
Patrizia Lombardi (PoliTO,  Deputy Rector and Green Team Coordinator), Role and  activities of PoliTO for Sustainable urban development and Agenda2030

h. 15:30‐16:00 Break

h. 16:00‐16:30  Sustainable Urban Development Agendas of Italian cities
Skype conference, in connection with Urban@it, on the occasion of the SDG11 Day  Festival ‐Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development(ASviS), 
Marco Marocco (Vice‐Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Torino)
Valentino Castellani (Urban@ItDirector), Urban@It, a network of Universities for a  national urban agenda
Maria Paola Azzario (Italian Federation of Clubs and Centresfor UNESCO), The  contribution of Italian Clubs for UNESCO for SDG 11

16:30‐17:00 Debate and Concluding remarks



Organized by Politecnico di Torino and The University of Tokyo

within the UNI‐NUA Joint project

Supported by Politecnico di Torino and Compagnia di San Paolo (coord.: Claudia Cassatella and Akito Murayama; research group: Giancarlo Cotella,  Kaoru Matsuo, Marco Santangelo, Takahiro Yamazaki)

With the participation and collaboration of Politecnico di Torino Green Team and Università di Torino Green Office, RUS, Urban@it

On the occasion of the Italian SDG11 Day 2018 Festival Sviluppo Sostenibile ASviS Italia

Politecnico and University of Torino Ph.D Program in Urban and Regional Development AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) Thematic Group on Transboundary  spaces, policy diffusion, planning cultures

SIU Italian Society of Urban Planners

Italian Federation of Clubs and Centresfor UNESCO



SDG di riferimento: SDG11 (Sustainable cities and communities)