Here an overview of our proposal:

After the UNI-Metrics data collection and historical review on policy and metrics for university campuses, Politoward project wants to:

- ‘Connect the dots’ between a significant amount of cases, behaviours and data, and therefore         identify key features, commonalities and differences in Italy and UK campus.

- Assess the POLITO’ state of art, weaknesses and assets in the vision of the emerging mission of       co-creation for sustainability and the university’s ‘third mission’.

Propose an alternative academic model of sustainability management, aligned to the needs of the Horizon 2020, setting up a hierarchic organisation that coordinates the different clusters gravitating about sustainability themes within research lines and departments at POLITO, gathering them under the umbrella of “Campus Sustainability Actions”. Figures likes sustainability office manager, brand designers, project managers, administrative assistants and university fellows will be also selected to that scope.

However, the meta-result, the long term goal of this initiative, is to foster collaboration between like-minded scientists in POLITO and UNICAM on a problem that ranks high in societal importance and, on the square, in the Turin city branding as “the City of Culture”. Therefore the project will create immediate benefits by the exchange of idea (through seminars) and people (trough in/outgoing mobility of staff) for: 

- creating an official network for the sharing of information, procedure, knowledge for the creation of a sustainability strategy of Politecnico di Torino;

- addressing both the training of students and young researchers in joint research programs, and hopefully dedicated university courses about integrated university campus assessment and sustainable development leadership.