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  • SDEWES 2015 - Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik 34 Ulica Iva Dulčića Dubrovnik, Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija, 20000 Croatia (map)

The politoward team has been invited in the SDEWES 10th conference SPECIAL SESSION: Sustainable Campuses and Communities: Living Labs of Future Production and Consumption Systems, presenting one paper and one poster.

The paper titled:

Toward resilient university campus through sustainable management and policy

 was presented by Giulia Sonetti, politecnico di Torino, as first outcomes of the mutual learning with the University of Cambridge in the topic of Campus Sustainability.

Here the Abstract:

This paper argues that current definition of sustainable campus is not enough for effectively transforming the higher-level concepts found in the smart city literature into actionable and effective policies, projects and programs that deliver measurable value to campus users. The study starts from calling the shots of the UNI-metrics project, based on a working hypothesis that “value-based metrics” for university campus can be found and interoperated in the intersection between actors, buildings and cities, and be integrated in policy-making process. Gathering data from the Politecnico di Torino’s living lab, the paper assesses strong and weak points applying the framework developed for the EU UNI-Metrics - Value Metrics and Policies for a Sustainable University Campus - final reports, including different impact areas specific for university campus (i.e. building quality, land use, energy, water, food, mobility, international appeal, research activity, third mission, sustainability commitment, etc). Further improvements for the Turin campus are presented, as well as the preliminary results of comparative analyses with sustainability management strategies at the University of Cambridge. A “resilient campus” could be a new goal for a special portion of complex urban environments that demonstrated to offer good practices and transferable actions towards a more human, resilient and inclusive society. 

Keywords: urban resilience, university campus, sustainability management.

Also, the politoward team was also involved in presenting the following poster: 

The Italian Sustainable Campus Network: Inspiring initiative for connecting sustainability campus practices.

 Authors: A.Bonoli, DICAM, University of Bologna, Italy, e-mail:, O. Bernardi, University of Bologna, Italy, F. Cappellaro, ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy, R. Guidetti, University of Milan, P. Lombardi, G. Sonetti, Politecnico di Torino and Università di Torino, N. Martinelli, Department ICAR Bari Polytechnic, M. Passigato, Verona University, E. Perotto, Polytechnic University of Milan.


The urgent need to change unsustainable patterns of consumption and production requires concrete initiatives that can accelerate the transition towards sustainable systems of practice and provision. In this process, education plays a crucial role especially in catalyzing proactive measures that can positively affect the present and the future of our society. Although a high number of universities is committed in sustainable initiatives, sustainability is still not part of the whole system. This paper presents the experience of six Italian universities committed to sustainability. With the aim to enhance the effort towards an effective transformation towards sustainable campus, the creation of an Italian Network has been planned, involving some excellent Italian universities that are realizing relevant practices of sustainable campus. Therefore the network is a powerful initiative to share experiences, to contaminate each other. A future objective could be the promotion of national strategies supporting sustainability campus implementation and management.

KEYWORDS: Sustainability, University, HEIs, Campuses, Network.