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Colloque International Eco-Campus 3

  • Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense 200 Avenue République 92001 Nanterre (map)

Higher education must first show the example in order to engage its stakeholders and to play at long last the pivotal role which it has. The Eco-campus 2015 Conference offers a format of 2 days, preceded by an evening with three phases of work and exchanges:

  • On 15 October, in Nanterre, the higher education institutions called upon public authorities and civil society for discussions around existing tools and to create innovations and climate issues, favourable background and points of blockages to lift and move together from speech to action, etc. The gala evening will be dedicated to the roles of the international academic networks (Global Alliance, CGE, GPU, HESI…) for the deployment of the solutions agenda.
  • On Friday 16 October at the Défense, universities and schools offer a forum of stakeholders: passage of the action to the solutions, by confronting the items from the HESI declaration to the expertise of higher education and its stakeholders: communities, businesses, NGOs, territorial networks… 
  • During the evening of October 14, HESI (Higher Education Sustainability Initiative) will present the voluntary contributions from the international academic community for climate which will contribute to the agenda of the COP21 for higher education solutions.
  • The presentation by prof. Lombardi can be downloaded here.